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Far too many homes still have old fuse boards. We would recommend you have your fuse board upgraded for a new 17th edition consumer unit. This would provide far more protection to your home and much more importantly, you and your family. A new consumer unit will bring your home up to current electrical safety standards Gallagher Sparks have completed 100's of Fuse Board replacements and our clients have been more than satisfied with the end results, only use a fully qualified electrician when replacing a consumer unit, please don’t try to swap your fuse board yourself or have someone who can't provide any paper work and not got much experience do it for you, you don't want to risk it when it comes to electrical safety, trust us!

Gallagher Sparks can replace your old fuse board for a new consumer unit.

The simple fact is that some fuse boards have become a liability, and simply don’t comply with modern health and safety requirements. so if your fuse box is out dated it could have been installed in the 1950's. (Not quite as safe as one of todays 17th edition dual RCD boards.)

Not sure if your fuse board is safe?

Are you a tenant in a rented property and the fuse wire on the board keep blowing fuses, or does your fuse board keep tripping for no reason. We work with property landlords of all sizes rectifying these issues, Gallagher Sparks are happy to offer a free survey of your fuse board and provide you with a free no-obligation quote to replace the fuse board or rectifying the issue. With this quote you know exactly what electrical problems your fuse board might have and the exact cost to rectify the issues

"No Hidden Charges with any of our work"

If your fuse board / fuse box has a wooden back board, cast iron or ceramic switches, or a mixture of fuses it is likely that it dates back to before the 1960s and will need to be replaced. Older fuse boards / fuse boxes also offer little protection from electric shock. They dont have the protection that a new 17th edition board would have, So how much would a fuse board replacement cost, click here to find out.. We provide a FREE estimate to replace existing fuse boards with a Modern Consumer Unit which provides a far greater level of protection. Our prices are affordable with a firstclass service,

Gallagher Sparks are keen to support and encourage householders to install RCDs and take basic safety measures to ensure their homes and families are protected from the potential dangers of electricity. When we change an old fuse board to a new consumer unit, it is done to the new 17th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations and a CITY & GUILDS 2391 Inspection & Testing Certificate is provided for the Electrical Installation. To contact Gallagher Sparks Electrical Services please telephone 07961345543 or use our simple contact form.